About Us


After attending the NAEYCE Convention on early childhood education in 2011, Tim and Kim Stevenson set out to create a unique learning system that facilitates increased physical activity and play to develop the whole child including teaching important “soft skills.” They began to construct and introduce the Explorative Play Learning System with their own center. It was an impressive standing ovation from 20,000 leading educators after Paley said “It’s time to get government out of the classroom and put PLAY back into the preschool.”

Our Mission Statement

Puzzle’s Academy is committed to providing a wonderful experience for your child. We seek to serve your family by providing solutions to your busy life. Our mission is to establish a positive working relationship with your family and to create a trusting bond with your child. Your children...our children, will be cared for and developed by an enthusiastic, experienced and caring staff. Our programs and curriculum exceeds and compliments the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and Kindergarten Preparedness. Our success will be measured by the daily experiences that we share with your children.

The Puzzle's Academy program was developed by our Family for your Family.

Why Choose Puzzle's?

1. Play Based Learning Model - Innovative and emerging curriculum based on latest research and recommendations made by the American academy of pediatric and influenced by work from well established theorist, Jean Plaget.

2. 300% More Physical Activity - Physical activity is necessary to develop gross motor skills, social-emotional and cognitive abilities. Physical exercise has been shown to be associated with increased memory, attention and brain growth.

3. Affordable for Working Class - Puzzle’s seeks to be the best “Quality Childcare” on par with Elite preschools yet affordable for working class families. At Puzzle’s we welcome Foster care and State childcare subsidies and have a very diverse group of families seeking the best for their children.

Are you puzzled about your childcare options? Download the Puzzle's Academy information booklet and learn about just a few of the reasons you should choose Puzzle's!

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